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Our company considers it is important to provide tailor-made and productivity-enhancing software solutions for everyone. The purpose of our mission is to design, develop and implement highly sophisticated and secure up-to-date software.

With years of software engineering experience, we have set ourselves the goal of a demanding, user-friendly and targeted custom software development. We provide individually developed programs using new programming and database management techniques. With our team, we are able to manage one of the most effective databases on the market within our softwares and applications. In addition, we keep pace with the ever-evolving technological advances that improves our techniques and processes so that you, through our solutions, will get the most effective tools ever.

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Our products are made with high precision and care. With years of software development experience, we have set ourselves the goal of demanding, user-friendly and targeted custom software development out in the market.

The Catalog R2

The Catalog R2 provides a real NoSQL solution for those who are working in small or huge IT environment either. It can work based on several schemas, database structures - provided by you, the developer. It is up to you if you use The Catalog as a relational, hierarchical or as a common NoSQL database.


The Catalog Sheba

The Catalog Sheba is our next-generation NoSQL solution after the previous R2 release. Completely rewritten and optimized for web with deeper redundancy in mind. We rescaled the two dimensional tinkering, therefore data structures made with The Catalog Sheba has a third dimension which is a huge milestone towards 3D technologies.



Looking for a currency exchanging solution? Do not look any further! WinValuta can handle currency transactions with ease. WinValuta is prepared for doing financial calculations in real time following rate changes and all other dependencies. Connect your exchange offices with your head offices and administrate them wherever you are!



Do yourself a favor and give up using weak and slow file explorers! We developed Marshal to be the most stable and fastest file explorer ever. It can draw, sort, select, copy, etc. more than 600 thousand elements in one view - yes, on the fly - without freezing. Works with any kind of storage device out of the box without performance drop!


Solutions and services

Interested in our products and in need of special solutions? We are here to help you! Take a look, contact us, let us be your partner!

Software Development

Our developers have more than 15+ years of experience in software engineering in all kind of platforms and devices. Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, IoT, special systems... not a problem!

Web Development

Side by side with software development our team can make your web imagination to come true. Not the latest? Hardware resources are limited? From IE8+ based traditional web sites to progressive web apps we can handle all!

System Administration

If your organization has several sites and in lack of IT specialists, call us and we will be there to help you out. Networking, user management, policy and security settings, testing, collaboration etc...

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